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Info Kerja Ambon Terbaru Januari 2014

Info Kerja Ambon Terbaru Januari 2014 - Lowongan Kerja Terbaru kali ini akan memberikan Informasi Lowongan Pekerjaan Terbaru untuk daerah Ambon. Lowongan Kerja Januari 2014 Terbaru juga tersedia untuk anda. Berikut Informasi Lowongan Kerja 2014. Anda juga bisa membaca Lowongan Kerja Ambon Terbaru Januari 2014.





PT. Potentia HR Consulting is a member of the Cornerstone International Group with 70 offices worldwide. Our consultants bring with them over 25 years of global / Indonesia experience with demonstrated success in establishing HR Best Practices in multinational organizations.

We have been retained by a large plantation company to recruit Plantation Manager. The company has Total land bank available – 3400 Ha Planted area (with cocoa) – 1500 Ha (tree population – approx 1.1 million trees); balance area to be planted:



Responsibilities :
  • Improvement of infrastructure (drainage system, roads, housing etc )
  • Recruitment of additional labor and plantation staff
  • Procurement of seedlings/setting up of nursery
  • Planting the gaps in the existing cocoa planted area upkeep of current trees to ensure optimal yields
  • Fertilizer application , pest and disease management, harvesting & fermentation processes to be improved
  • Planting in the area which is already cleared and planted with glyricidia shade
  • Land clearing of the rest of the land bank and planting in the same – phase 2
  • Develop a safe operations culture within all agricultural activities.
  • Develop and deploy a Farm Management System to include: Soil testing, Nutrient Management, Pest Management, Equipment Maintenance Management, Cost of Production
  • Manage day-to-day farming operations, including tillage, planting, fertilization, irrigation, field optimization, pest control, environmental compliance and maintenance of farming
  • equipment for safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Direct farming production activities to ensure production schedule and budget are met.
  • Assist in mechanizing plant and harvest operations. Assist in the design, engineering, modification and testing of machinery
  • Develop and implement solutions to farming problems or issues.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the various agricultural operations with cost saving goals.
  • Maintain financial, chemical, and production records necessary for the efficient operation of the various agricultural operations, as needed
  • Maintain an emergency response plan for agricultural operations.
  • Plan and coordinate schedules of employees.
  • Develop a culture of continual learning and improvement within the agricultural team.

Requirements :
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in plantation management experience of similar scale with at least a few yrs in cocoa (this would be bonus).
  • We are open to both Indonesian and Malaysian nationals.
  • Knowledge of English is not a key criteria for the position.
  • We would be looking at the following skills – planning for manpower, infrastructure development, land clearing and planting.
  • Closing Date 16-01-2014
Level Karir : Senior
Tahun Pengalaman : 10 Tahun
Kualifikasi : Sarjana
Industri : Pembudidayaan Pertanian / Perhutanan
Fungsi Pekerjaan : Manajemen > Manajemen Umum
Lokasi : Ambon
Tipe Pekerjaan : Purna Waktu

(NB: While sending email applications, candidates must enter position applied in the subject column)
or send resume to :

Menara Kadin 19 th floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Blok X-5 Kav. 2 - 3
Jakarta 12950

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